INTERSTELLAIRE II, digital printed zine, 14×19,5cm, 50 copies published numbered and signed, 6 copies available in stock


INTERSTELLAIRE II is the second opus of INTERSTELLAIRE with Studio H13, composed of paintings showed at the gallery. The paintings are based on the pictures used in INTERSTELLAIRE.













INTERSTELLAIRE I is a zine made in December 2019 during a residency at Studio H13. Digital print on Ollin Bulk 100g, 40 pages and pictures 23cm x 17cm, zine limited to 50 copies, numbered and signed, sold out


Interstellaire I is a composition book with rock photographies taken during Sunday walks by Eliote and graffiti painted by the artist during the week.










ELIOTE performance 72, MUR XIII, 2 color silkprint, signed and numbered, 21 x 29,7cm, Papier Rives tradition 250g, 30 copies published, 2 copies available in stock












Lunaire, Editions comète, 2019,12 A4 silkprint, 2 colors printed on freelife velum white 260g/m² paper, Box printed in serigraphy, numbered and signed with an airbrush, Zine La Traversée 32 pages, 19 x27,3 cm cover printed in silkprint on freelife velum white 260g/m² paper and digital printed content on freelife velum white 140g/m², 70 copies published, 1 copy available in stock


Lunaire is a box set containing a portfolio of 12 serigraphs where the printing process seeks to recreate the stages of creation of the original paintings. In two stages, a passage of black to simulate the roller or brush and a passage of white for the spray or airbrush. This set also contains a zine La traversée which deals with Eliote's explorations relating to his search for spots and inspiration, as well as the paintings that refer to them.












Eliote & Ishem, Nébuleuse marseillaise, Editions comète, 2018, 3 booklets, silkprint poster printed in one color designed by Ishem, 6 color silkprint digitally created by Eliote, 2 color silkprint mixing the work of the 2 artists, Digitally printed postcard, Box silkscreen printed in one passage of transparent black and one passage of vinyl black, 60 copies signed, sold out

Eliote & Ishem : Nébuleuse marseillaise, box containing three booklets, a silkscreen printed poster, two small silkscreens and a postcard. First booklet: silkscreen cover, containing black and white digital drawings made by Eliote. Second booklet: silk-screen printed cover, contains crumpled, digital black and white paintings painted by Ishem. Third booklet: contains color photos of paint where, by an exchange of process, the two painters mix their pieces and their rendering.








Eliote, Editions comète, 2017, silkscreen 3 colors, 50 x 70cm, 55 copies published, numbered and signed, 15 copies available in stock